Pro Flight Simulator Review


pro flight simulator reviewIn our attempt on the Pro Flight Simulator review, we shall look into the game’s offerings in a bit more detail and list out the aspects of pros and cons, both. The detailed listing itself should help an prospective user to really understand the package even before he makes a purchase online. The pro flight simulator review will be successful only if this can be executed appropriately in the following few paragraphs.

The Pro Flight Simulator Package

A complete package of the Pro Flight Simulator game consists of:

  • a complete realized and modeled world with picturesque locations and accurate scenery for the entire world, powered by Google Maps;

  • an accurate mapping of the solar system with real-time weather updates for the entire world;

  • a great collection of ever increasing aircrafts with great accuracy, and designs matching upto the minutest of details.

With the above offerings in mind, let us now delve in to the various aspects in a bit more detail, to find out if the ProFlight Simulator package is really worth its price and why should one purchase this product over the other flight simulator games, readily available in the market. We begin the Pro Flight Simulator review with the Pros and follow it up with the Cons.

Pro Flight Simulator Review: The Pros

  • The ProFlight Simulator game offers you with a real-life flying experience. The game is an appropriate example to showcase the simulation software at its best. The software of the ProFlight Simulator has been developed not only with the consideration of the minutest of the terrain conditions or reactions of the aircraft while on-air, but has also taken the possible effects of planetary movements and their alignments in the solar system. The “eye for details” of the developers in this regard is really praiseworthy and visible once the program is put to use.

  • pro flight simulator review

  • A gamer is overwhelmed with the extensive selection of aircrafts and maps from the very beginning. The ProFlight Simulator offers a database of more than 20,000 international airports with elaborate and extensive details pertaining to their actual physical locations. It also offers a range of over 120 aircrafts – Concords, F16s, Migs, Boeings and many more, to choose from.

  • The accurate world mapping at the ProFlight Simulator software ensures that in real life if it is raining at a place say Florida, the game will also present a rainy weather to its gamers who are active at the game controls, at that point of time!

  • The ProFlight Simulator game offers great bonuses to its clients which are otherwise not available with its counterparts in the market. The bonus offerings include (a) an interactive scenery designer, (b) a Kelpie Flight Planner, and (c) a free combat flight simulator game. At present, you can also get a copy of the “Professional Airplane Flying Handbook” at no extra cost.

  • The ProFlight Simulator game has great multi-player options implemented in its online mode. This allow gamers to fly in formations and chat with one another during the entire course of the game, which is incredible.

  • The game offers its clients free updates for life. This ensures that the package is updated with the latest air-crafts and challenges and the gamers are never short of any thrill and excitement even after a prolonged use.

  • A gamer also has the option of a 60 days’ money back guarantee, just in case if he is not satisfied with the purchase and intends to receive a money back.

Pro Flight Simulator Review: The Cons

In this part of the Pro Flight Simulator review, we will explore the probable shortcomings of the product which a buyer should take into account, upon purchase.

pro flight simulator review

  • The entire package with all its options is voluminous and it can take a considerable time (over a couple of hours) for a complete download. However, a user has the option to upgrade to the DVD edition of the game, from the member’s area.

  • As indicated earlier, a gamer may find it a bit overwhelming in the very beginning, with all the game options and controls. One needs to get the downloads organized appropriately to facilitate a proper start on game installation.

  • One needs to remember that the game is a complete simulation of an aircraft. One should learn and be quite adept at the controls for a great flying experience. So if any individual prefers to have a flight simulator game with an “arcade” version, the ProFlight Simulator game may not be for him. One has to be patient and devote some time in the early stages to learn about flying.

Finally, on concluding the Pro Flight Simulator review it can undoubtedly be stated that it is the best of all flight simulator games available in the market as on date. The game has everything built into it to take on with its competitors and wipe out any other flight simulator versions which might be present at the moment, or, planning for a debut in the next couple of years, for sure. The ProFlight Simulator still remain the best of all flight simulators and is undoubtedly a safe and best buy.

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